Lunar domes are geological features found on the Moon and were produced largely through volcanic processes. The best formed lunar domes display a mound-like appearance with a central crater pit from which lava exuded to form the dome. Some domes, in which a central pit is not visible, were formed by the subsurface pressure induced buckling of the Moons surface instead of through th extrusion of lava onto the surface.

Although there are dozens of well characterized lunar domes on the Moons surface, hundreds of candidates remain to be identified as lunar domes (rather than simple hills or ejecta from large crater impacts).

Lunar domes images on this page were taken with a 32 cm reflector. f/28 achieved using eyepiece projection with a Nagler eyepiece. Cameras include either a Phillips ToUcam Pro webcam or a Lumenera SkyNyx 2.1m, and Wratten 25 filter. Frames from avis were stacked using Registax 3 or Registax 4beta and assembled using Multiple-Alignment-Point processing.

Gruithuisen Domes

Milichius Pi Dome

Kies and dome

Arago Domes


Rumker Plateau

Marius Rille and domes

Herodotus Omega Dome

Domes near Apennines

Cinder Cone near Lassell

Dome near Beer

Dome Dorsa Andrusov

3 domes near Vendelinus

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Last updated 17.9.2006